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Oogie's Ice Cream
Vintage Ice Cream Truck
Smiles Guaranteed!



The History


Oogie’s Ice Cream


Oogie Montoro was our father.  Over twenty years ago, he rented ice cream trucks to start his own ice cream business.  These trucks were furnished with out of date equipment and served hand-dipped Italian ice and hard ice cream.  Our entire family, our mother, sisters, and even our friends, were begrudgingly put to work on the ice cream trucks in the sweltering heat of our teenage summers.  We cruised the streets of Easton and Phillipsburg, ringing the old school brass bell, and delivering our sweet delights to any adult or child willing to part with a few quarters.  Although we were not happy about spending our free childhood time on the trucks, the inevitable smiles of the customers were contagious and kept us coming back. 


Our father passed away in 1995 none the richer from his ice cream business.  Now, thirteen years after his passing, we have decided to reincarnate his frozen dream.  In his memory, we have named our vintage 1972 Good Humor ice cream truck Oogie’s Ice Cream, and also in his memory, we guarantee smiles to all.  Invite us to your next event to experience the nostalgia of Oogie and his frozen treats.   



 Ralph "Oogie" Montoro ~ Our Daddy